The Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ

Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ

On our first day, we arrived in the mid afternoon at Al-Houriat Hotel in Amman, Jordan. Obviously, we were all very much jet-lagged and tired from the whole day of touring that we knocked out as soon as we arrived. But, we had a very good sleep and the next morning, we were up early and ready to go on another adventure in Jordan!

Our driver arrived, we loaded up all our suitcases and bags and we were off to our next stop, The Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ (Bethany Beyond the Jordan).

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Weekend Cruising – Not Your Average Weekend!

When most people think of cruises, they think of long-haul trips that last weeks or even months but never an option for a long weekend or even short weekend, but this option is more than possible and becoming more popular all the time. The price of a cruise is also a factor for many people, but many short cruises actually represent great value for money. In fact, when you factor in how much it costs for a weekend in Sydney including meals, drinks and entertainment the prices are actually comparable.

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2020 So Far, Reflections


Wow, it’s only the 3rd month of the year but so much has happened. As you probably know by now our President in the Philippines has placed the entire Luzon on an “enhanced community quarantine” due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus / COVID-19. I work in Manila and I left yesterday in the afternoon before they completely stopped bus operations. I already had a weird feeling in my stomach that morning, I guess was the anxiety and just the overflowing thought in my mind about what could happen. I’m an overthinker and most of the time it drives me insane. Anyway, thankfully my bosses let me go home early and I left straight away, booked a grab (I thought I wasn’t going to book one!), and I was on my way to the bus terminal. Turns out I had booked the wrong terminal, my drop off location was on the South bound when I should’ve been in the North bound. Nevertheless, I hurried my way across the foot bridge and when I got to the Victory Liner Terminal, where I normally take a bus home to Pampanga, it was completely closed, no buses and no personnel at all. I started freaking out some more but I rushed to the next bus station, Genesis. When I arrived, I was able to take a deep breath.

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Ajloun Castle

Ajloun Castle

First of many posts from my family’s trip to Jordan, Israel, Egypt and Dubai! From Manila, we flew with Philippine Airlines to Bangkok (3 hrs), had a short layover and from their we flew to Amman, Jordan (9 hrs) with Royal Jordanian. Our flights were all booked directly from the RJ website 🙂

We arrived in Amman at around 5/6am. Waited for our car service and went straight to touring! Didn’t want to waste a day, hehe. Our first stop, Ajloun Castle (or Ajlun Castle).

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Visiting Fantasy World in Batangas

Fantasy World

This year I have three main goals for my blog. 1) post more often 2) finish off all my backlogs from last year – maybe even last last year, oops – and 3) create a logo for my blog. It’s already February and I don’t have a new blog post up, hahaha. It will be difficult but I think it all boils down to time management and not procrastinating. Alsooo, I realized that it’s much harder to write about something / some place when it’s been so long. So I’m working on my recent travels and will try to fit the backlogs whenever I can. Balabac, Palawan posts coming soooon! But first, Fantasy World.

Last December, I was in the Batangas / Tagaytay area and my parents and I decided to go and visit Fantasy World – an abandoned theme park.

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